How do I water my tree?  

We recommend that you use ice to water the tree. Place one to two trays of ice every few days in the pot at the base of the tree.

Why is a live tree more expensive than a cut tree?  

The price includes year round care by a Certified Arborist, delivery and pick-up.  Maintaining a live tree requires more work to keep it alive and includes year round duties such as mulching, fertilization, pruning and watering.

Why can't we have the tree for longer than 30 days?  

Trees become dormant in the winter in order to protect themselves. When spring arrives, the trees come out of dormancy. If a tree is in your home for a period longer than 30 days it may start to lose its cold hardiness. Putting the tree back outside after this occurs would be a shock to the tree and could cause damage to its buds. We do not want to harm our trees so we limit their time indoors to 30 days.

Does delivery and pick-up cost extra?  

Delivery and pick-up are included in the price. However you can keep the tree if you wish!

How is the tree delivered?

We deliver the tree to the first entrance point to the provided address. Please note this delivery restriction.  Although we do our best to make all our customers happy, please make any special arrangements needed if you live in an apartment and condo or need the tree taken up steps. We highly recommend that someone be home to receive the tree. The tree is heavy so please plan with this in mind and with other tips mentioned in this FAQ.

If for some reason no one is available to receive the tree, we will leave the tree on the porch or doorstep or the delivery will be re-scheduled and an additional delivery fee may apply.

How is the size of the tree measured?  

The size of the tree is measured from the bottom of the pot to the tip of the tree.  Please see diagram below.


Can I put lights and decorations on my tree?  
Decorate your tree to suit your tastes. We recommend LED lighting as they are energy efficient and do not give off heat which would dry out the tree. Please don't use sprays as it can cause damage to the tree. 

What if I'm not available for the scheduled delivery time?  
We are happy to reschedule to accommodate your busy schedule. We do require 24 hours notice, otherwise an additional delivery and administration fee will apply. 
Where do the trees go after Christmas?  
If you do not with to keep the tree, some of our trees return to our nursery where they are cared for until next year. Others are donated to Evergreen or other not-for-profit organizations that promote arboriculture and eco-friendliness.

What kind of environment does an Xmastree require?  
The trees prefer cool areas, with no direct forced air heat. 

Is it difficult to maintain a living Christmas tree?  
Not at all, it is easy! We provide specific instructions based on the environment the tree is placed in.  We suggest closing heating vents that are directly blowing onto the tree.  Our trees see a 90% reuse rate.

Basic Xmastree Care Instructions
1. Place the tree where it receives as much sunlight as possible. Please note that trees are not to be kept inside longer than 30 days.
2. Watering is most important while the tree is in your care. Give your Xmas Tree water as soon as it is in place.  We recommend using ice cubes placed in the pot at the base of the tree.  Please do not place your tree near heaters, furnace vents or fireplaces, as this will dry out the tree and harm it.
3. Please do not cut or trim your tree. 
4. Please only use LED lights to minimize needle scorching. Energy efficient lights do not overheat or burn your tree. Please do not use old hot incandescent lights, they will damage the tree.
5. We pick up the trees starting early January. We will do our best to  accommodate everyone's busy schedule around and after the Holiday Season.
6. Please protect your floor with appropriate waterproof materials placed under the tree as an extra precaution against leaks or water spilling.  We are not responsible for property damage or injury.