We at Xmastree.ca are always looking for ways to improve our relationship with trees. We founded Xmastree.ca because we wanted to offer an environmentally sustainable approach to utilizing trees during the Christmas Season. There are far too many trees being cut and destroyed at the end of the Holiday Season.  We provide an alternative to traditional cut trees because we believe that trees do not have to be cut down to be enjoyed.   

Let us help you celebrate this Holiday Season with a healthy, vibrant living potted Christmas tree. You decorate and enjoy the tree as you would your traditional Christmas tree, and water it a couple of times if it gets too dry.  Then when the Holiday Season is over, we pick it up when it is convenient for you, or you keep the tree.  Your tree is cared for by an ISA Certified Arborist, therefore you are guaranteed a beautiful and healthy tree.  A living tree holds it needles, eliminating the mess associated with a cut tree, and fills your home with a wonderful scent. 

This Christmas and Holiday Season make the right choice, the environmentally responsible choice, and adorn your home or business with a tree full of life, choose a tree from Xmastree.ca!